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Originally published at LoveLure's Luke and Reid Blog. You can comment here or there.

How id I miss this one? Thanks to Paris at VanHansis.com for the alert. If you visit www.worldturns.net you will see the following message:

Welcome to WorldTurns.nl
The Online Home of "As the World Turns"

For a limited preview period worldturns.nl will be offering free online viewing of select As The World Turns episodes.

Our site begins with the first five episodes that originally aired in January 2005, and each week we will be releasing additional episodes from the series for your enjoyment. In addition, we will also be adding memorable classic episodes from the As The World Turns library which originally aired in the US. Our current classic episode is “Classic ATWT Wedding — Tom Hughes Marries Margo Montgomery” which was originally broadcast on June 1, 1983

Subscribe Now. Register Today and you can begin watching your online episodes of As the World Turns!

Please enjoy these episodes, and be sure to come back soon to see more classic episodes and for access the As The World Turns video library.

I thought that for sure this would be IP restricted to Dutch viewers, but I was very, very, very happy to find that this was not the case, and I was able to register from the UK.

Among the four classic episodes currently featured are the (only, I think) episodes for the US-released DVD collections that feature BOTH Luke and Reid – though not together :( .


The super-classic episode where Van Hansis’s Luke comes out (from the "Secrets and Scandals” DVD) is featured, along with Bob and Kim’s anniversary party (where Eric Sheffer Stevens’s gate-crashing Reid gets in some great jabs at Chris – “I always knew you were a bastard”…while eating….again!).

I thought the whole “we’re not married” storyline was completely lame, as they basically dropped it after 2-3 episodes. It could have had potential if Bob and Kim had been more frontburner, and really explored their relationship, but oh well. At least we got another Renry moment!

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